Olympus Council

Pictured: The official flag of the Olympus Council. An embroidered patch of this flag is part of the uniform insignia for Nightwalkers and other Council personnel.

The Olympus Council is an international political entity formed by the Olympus Accords. It’s currently headquartered on Olympus Station in the neutral Pantheon System.

The Council itself consists of nine senior councilors – three each from the Terran Alliance, Lycaon Republic, and Aquarian States. These representatives are permanent residents of the station; the Accords allow for a recessionary period just over two months long in the middle of the year to allow councilors to visit home. Councilors serve five-year terms that may be renewed indefinitely, although none have served more than two terms to date.

The Council is supported by several subsidiary agencies and committees.

Olympus Council

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