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Welcome to the future.

Hellhounds follows the intrepid crew of the starship Cerberus as they attempt to keep the peace in a turbulent galaxy.

The Cerberus Team

Scottmar Scottsman. Dwarf. Pilot. Scoundrel.
Fey Waters. Expert hacker and perceptive investigator.
Al. Mechanic and side gun.

Previously on Hellhounds

Treachery! As delegates from the feuding United Nations and Colonial Territories traveled to a diplomatic summit on Olympus Station, they found themselves under attack by a mysterious Colonial stealth ship. The UN cruiser Geneva has been completely destroyed, throwing the diplomatic efforts into chaos.

However, all is not lost. The crew of the Cerberus, a Council vessel sent to escort the delegates, have managed to secure the lead ambassadors of both parties. Having survived the initial assault relatively unscathed, the Cerberus now streaks through hyperspace, in close pursuit of the enigmatic attackers…

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