Durendal-83 "Dee"

The Cerberus' resident AI.


“Howdy partners! Let’s get to work!”

Durendal-83, known as Dee to his friends, is the 83rd production model Durendal-class AI ever built. He was assigned to the Cerberus as the ship’s tactical systems operator after Agent Leilapse left the crew.

Personalities in sentient tactical AIs are generally randomly generated based on a given set of parameters; for instance, all AIs in the Durendal line tend to be friendly and talkative. Dee’s adopted the personality of a laid back, amiable Texan, with the accent to match.

As an artificial intelligence, Dee’s “appearance” is that of a computer system installed in the weapons control system on the Cerberus’ bridge. However, most AIs like to make a holographic avatar for “face to face” conversations, and Dee is no different; his particular avatar is a bearded man in a cowboy hat and a longcoat with appropriate insignia. For more formal occasions (such as when addressing officials) he switches to a standard Nightwalker dress uniform.

Durendal-83 "Dee"

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